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Soul Center
Our Mission:
It is the mission of Soul Center to create and provide social, vocational, and educational
experiences and resources through direct interactions in their community to fulfill the needs and
wants of individuals with developmental disabilities

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Current Events:
July - Fishing Derby - (please register)
What:   2nd annual Fishing Derby
When:  Saturday, July 23 at 9:00 - 11:00 AM
Where: Dominic Lofino Park (Beavercreek YMCA)
Why:    Because who doesn't like fish slime and worm guts?!?!
Never been fishing? Don't know how to catch fish? Don't have any equipment? Don't worry!!!
Soul Center has you covered. We'll even throw in some food and bottled water (and hand sanitizer, because you know...
the whole fish and worm thing).
Just make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen and maybe a hat; we will be outside the whole time.

Cost: FREE for our members!!!
Donations are always welcome.